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VITE KENYA provides a service that is so far unique to the Kenyan market – namely, the ability to order LPG gas on line (via a mobile app) and have it safely delivered to the consumer’s home with quality & safety guaranteed.

A Collection of Prominent Features

Our Vite Customer App is built with the user in Mind.

Numerous features make it easy for our LPG customers to make their order in a fast and convinient way

Easy to Order
Track your Rider
Quick Access
It's Chap Chap
Vite LPG Solution

Our Vite Solution has 3 Apps

The success of this solution occurs by utilizing data generated from User App, Riders App & Vendors App

Customer App

It only takes a few clicks to order. No more long phone calls

Riders App

Vite Rider app allows the rider to use GPS to locate the delivery address.

Vendor App

Run Your Business Easily, Remotely & Conveniently

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LPG Usage at Home

5 Points Safety Check

Request Our Vite LPG delivery man to perform the 5-point safety check as follows:


Check the Regulator

Check the regulator to ensure it is not worn out or expired. Change the regulator every five years. Use only regulators with the Safety Mark.


Check Rubber Hose

Check the rubber hose to ensure it is not worn out or expired. Change the rubber hose every two years.


Hose Clips & Cylinder

Check cylinder for cracks and the hose clips to ensure that they are in good working condition and properly secured.


Perfom Leak Checks

Check for gas leaks by applying soap solution on cylinder joints. The appearance of soap bubbles will indicate a leak point

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