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Quick and Simplified


Don’t make calls, wait to be contacted. No more paper work! Everything is simplified and automated, from ordering to invoicing and to payment. Get your cooking gas delivered with just a few clicks.


Quality & Safety Assurance


We always strive to ensure that you receive good quality and well filled cooking gas that is safe by working with EPRA approved distributors only. We always review and consider your feedback.


Fast Delivery


No more waiting. Vite deliveries are 80% faster than the standard deliveries. We deliver to your doorstep and you can live track your delivery from Vite app.

About Vite

VITE KENYA provides a service that is so far unique to the Kenyan market – namely, the ability to order LPG gas on line (via a mobile app) and have it safely delivered to the consumer’s home with quality & safety guaranteed.  VITE KENYA is working with licensed stakeholders who supply gas and gas cylinders, as well as their EPRA approved distributors.  We train their delivery people, keep track of their sales and inventory, and field questions and complaints from customers in order to assure quality in both the LPG product and delivery.  We also help both the distributors and the stakeholders keep a precise record of sales to avoid any internal corruption

We are also digitizing the LPG sector with an aim of ensuring successful and effective distribution within the supply chain hence transforming businesses. The success of this transformation will occur by utilizing data generated from consumers, retailers and wholesale distributors.

Vite-LPG Customer App

Easy to Order

It only takes a few clicks to order. No more long phone calls

Track Your Rider

No more lies! Monitor the progress of your delivery from your Vite-LPG App.

It's Chap Chap!

Get your delivery done within minutes. We are 80% faster than the standard deliveries

Pay Conveniently

Pay by cash, Mpesa, Airtel money, Equitel, Visa or Mastercard among other modes of payment

No more Paper work

Get your invoices and receipts online. Also access a record of your previous orders from your Vite-LPG app

Save Your Money

Enjoy the best rates by using Vite-LPG app plus unlimited offers daily

Vite Vendor App

Run Your Business Easily & Conveniently

Manage your business even while away. Monitor your riders' activities live on the app and through constant notifications on every payment done. Don't worry about marketing; we will do it for you at no extra cost.

Automate Your Business

No more paper work! Get automated invoicing and receipts for your customers. With Vite Vendor, stocking and selling is easy, organized & automated. Get your sales reports for up to 12 months with just a few clicks. Filter your sales reports daily, weekly, monthly or per rider.

Vite Rider App

Locate Your Customer's Address Easily

Vite Rider app allows the rider to use GPS to locate the delivery address.
Don't waste money making long calls just to get directions

Keep Track of Your Data

Get your deliveries details well organized in one page. These includes customer info, delivery address, date & time of delivery and the order details.

Vite Customer App

> Download the Vite-LPG app from Play Store or App Store or simply use the links at the top.

> Create your Vite account by providing your basic info and click on Register. You can now log into your account and place an order

> Your order will be sent to the nearest verified gas Vendor. Upon accepting your request, a notification will be sent to you with the rider details. The rider will contact you upon arrival at your selected delivery address.

Vite Vendor App

> Download Vite Vendor mobile app from Play Store or App Store or simply       click on the links below.

> Create a Vendor account by providing your basic details. Upon login, complete your business profile by providing your business details.

> We will review and verify your account and once approved, you will receive a notification on your email. Upload your products and start making money.

Vite Rider App

> Download Vite Rider mobile app from Play Store or App Store or simply click on the links below

> Simply accept an incoming delivery request.

> Upon accepting the request, you will be able to view the customer details such as location, name, mobile number and order requested.

> Prepare the order and easily deliver using GPS.

Vite Vendor App

Vite Rider App


5 Points Safety Check

Request the LPG delivery man to perform the 5-point safety check as follows:

  • Regulator: Check the regulator to ensure it is not worn out or expired. Change the regulator every five years. Use only regulators with the Safety Mark.
  • Rubber Hose: Check the rubber hose to ensure it is not worn out or expired. Change the rubber hose every two years.
  • Hose Clips: Check the hose clips to ensure that they are in good working condition and properly secured.
  • Cylinder: Check the LPG cylinder for cracks.
  • Leak Test: Check for gas leaks by applying soap solution on cylinder joints. The appearance of soap bubbles will indicate a leak point. DO NOT: Do not use an open flame to detect leaks.


Safety Tips While Using LPG at Home

  • Keep the windows open to ventilate your kitchen.
  • Do not place flammable or plastic items near the flame.
  • Turn pan handles away from the flame.
  • Never leave your cooking unattended. The sauce or liquid in your cooking vessel could overflow and extinguish the burners, causing gas to leak.
  • Always keep the LPG valve/regulator switched off when your gas is not in use, especially at night and when going on a holiday.
  • Always store the LPG cylinder in an upright position and away from other combustible and flammable materials. Store no more than one spare LPG cylinder at any given time.
  • Never tamper with your LPG cylinder.
  • Make sure all parts of the installation are in good condition. If you should find anything wrong with any part, contact your distributor immediately and ask for assistance.

Vite Makes Your

Life easier


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The revolution is finally here! So amazed with your delivery system. Time saving I would say.


Ongata Rongai

The best thing I have experienced with Vite is that I can always track and monitor my gas usage easily. Perfect and kudos

John Kasyoki
John Kasyoki


Yeey! No more phone calls and lies from the delivery guys. I am able to see your current location on the map. Vite is wonderful! needless to say how colourful the app is.


Multimedia University

Fantastic App

Willy Otieno
Willy Otieno


I love It

Atieno Jackline
Atieno Jackline

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