The process of purchasing cooking gas has never been this simplified and fast, credits to Vite Kenya! Vite Kenya has made all your matter gas sorted out faster, efficiently and conveniently; the number one reason why everybody is talking about it.

What is Vite?

Vite is an online platform connecting the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (cooking gas) suppliers/merchants with customers through a mobile application; Vite-LPG app. From purchasing the entire gas cylinder package to refilling to delivery to invoicing, every service involved is automated and needless to say every city dweller definitely needs to have this application on their phone!

Research shows that close to 29% of Nairobi County residents are consumers of LP gas. That means barely three months, depending on the size of the gas they use,they are on their toes for a refill.

Plights LP gas consumers go through before they get it (gas) finally delivered.

Reportedly, not once LP gas consumers have complained about delays in delivery. Sometimes one may make an order only for the delivery person to arrive ages later. And probably that time one has guests coming over and cooking is half-waydone!

Some gas shops hike gas prices any time, without any notice to the consumer; an action that catches them by surprise. The consumer’s tight budget is thrown off balance again.

“You find that 6Kg gas going for 750 shillings and the next time you are buying it again, it’s a thousand bob while in some places it’s still cheaper. I really don’t get it”, laments Pauline Wanja from Pangani.

As if that is not enough, cases of half-full gas cylinders have been reported as well. The usual size/quantity that lasts three months for a spinster is all used up barely one month! To rub some salt in an already festering wound, it’s alleged that some suppliers even deal with fake gases which they deviously sell to the unsuspecting customers.

The Solution

Vite is here to solve these customer’s issues and even improve on business-to-business and business-to-consumer transactions through the mobile app.

A 2016 financial report by Safaricom showed 7.8 million of their users use smartphones. That indicates that a good population size is in a position to download various mobile apps, and as long as they use LP gas, Vite-LPG app is unarguably relevant.

Reasons why you need Vite-LPG app like yesterday.

The Vite-LPG app is quicker, and simplified. The client only needs to make a few phone clicks and they are connected with the nearest verified vendor. The rider will contact the customer and delivery is made within minutes.

According to Mr. Simon Thangu, CEO Vite Kenya, his company upholds quality, speed, convenience and accuracy as it’s core solid values. His company ensures that the gas sold by the merchants is of high quality and well -filled to capacity. They do this by vetting the merchants signed in on the Vite platform.

He further explains that deliveries are made in the shortest time possible. This is as a result of being connected to the nearest available vendor to the client. He adds that they are actually 80% faster than standard gas deliveries and the customer is even able to track live the delivery from the app.

Mr. Thangu adds that a customer can have the gas delivered to them anywhere anytime. For instance, if a customer needs to have gas delivered in their home while they are away running errands elsewhere, it’s still easy. He or she just needs to place an order and indicate the destination and the phone number of the ‘recipient’.

“Vite ensures improved services by creating space for customers to float their feedback; complains or appreciation. In case of negative feedback, the merchants involved get their accounts deactivated as soon as possible.” Mr. Thangu clarifies.

“This app tackles basic business or customer concerns that in the long run, lead to better service and commodity delivery. Consequently, it will ensure better revenue and lasting client allegiance”.

“This app also helps the client keep tabs on his or her gas consumption or usage. The app offers data to preview previous orders, therefore, the consumer is able to monitor their gas usage,” Mr. Thangu expounds.

How is Vite platform relevant to gas merchants/ suppliers?

The merchants too are not left behind in this awesome experience! As it stands, their tasks are simplified as they can monitor their outlets even when they are away! They are able to track their riders’ activities and access their daily deliveries/sales record. They are able to receive constant notifications on every payment done to the rider. The app generates an invoice for them on every order made. The merchants are also able to get their daily, weekly or monthly sales reports and this data remains available for up to 12 months! So generally, no paperwork! Everything is automated. They are able, through Vite Vendor App, to monitor their business progress as well.

Vite Kenya CEO’s final remarks.

“We will keep improving our app by constant updates and in- app messaging from time to time. As long as the consumer is using cooking gas, our app remains in use. It has never gotten this simple and interesting”, remarks Mr. Thangu.

“Purchase quality LP gas, get it even faster and simpler, go digital with Vite-LPG App!” He urged.





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